Choosing Bounce Houses & Inflatable Slides For Your Home

Get ready for your child to jump for joy when they discover they are getting their own individual bounce house because it’s something they will absolutely enjoy. They should, inflatable bounce houses are fantastic pieces of entertainment that the whole family can take pleasure in. They are a fantastic addition when you have any parties for your kids or their friends in addition to the typical outdoor yard games and the food. It’s like having your own carnival games at your house! Nevertheless, before you go and purchase a kids bounce house you ought to think about a couple of things such as the size, function, and theme.

Bounce House Size

Of course, when it comes to inflatable bounce houses you absolutely want to think about what size you will need. If you anticipate on having a lot of household parties, you should think about the weight limit of your inflatable bounce house. When too many children are jumping around in a little bounce house meant for toddlers then you must absolutely think about getting a larger 300+ pounder.

Inflatable bounce houses and castles can be huge pieces of equipment so you will really need to consider the size of the space where it will be used. This means you’ll need to know the measurements and size of your yard space in relation to the inflatable jumper you are considering. Ideally you want to get an inflatable bouncer that’s huge enough to fit a group of kids on, however still leaves adequate space in the yard so that everybody can run around and play yard games at the same time if they desire.

Bounce House Features

When you know what size house you want for your kid you can get to the fun part: functions! The most popular type of feature add on are bounce houses with sides. A slide is a natural addition to a bounce house since it includes numerous dimensions to the house. Your kids can slide down the slide, climb up it like they are going up a mountain, or chase each other around the inflatable house playing a game of tag. The ability to have fun with a bounce house with a slide are almost unlimited so it’s certainly a feature your child will take pleasure in.

Another feature you can get is a ball pit. These are enjoyable because you can run and jump in the ball pit or have fun with the balls that are currently in the pit for some added fun. If the ball pit or bounce house with a slide aren’t enough you can even find houses with pools. Added together with a slide you can have your own personal water park for your kid throughout the warm summer months that will definitely keep them occupied. So depending upon the features you choose the fun and excitement you can have with inflatable bouncers can be unlimited!

Bounce House Theme

An inflatable bounce house that is themed like a castle will make your kids feel like they are knights protecting their king. If you desire an even more imaginative kids bounce house you can even find animal or car themed houses that your kids are sure to enjoy.

A good idea to get the feel for the type of inflatable bounce house that would be right for your space and children would be to rent one for a while. In Cincinnati, Ohio Party Go Round is a top provider of Cincinnati bounce house rentals. They can help you with choosing the right bounce house for your space.

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