Follow These Guidelines To Stay Germ-free On Your Next Rv Road Trip

Your RV is quite a small space and due to all the high traffic in and out of it, you might find that your RV is very prone to getting messy quite quickly. In these types of situations, a little bit of simple tidying up does a lot, and results are always very rewarding, especially when you have such a clean interior to match whatever the gorgeous view might be on the outside.

Make sure that you clean the fridge and freezer including all the cabinets. Start by emptying the entire fridge and freezer of everything that is inside. While everything is out, its a perfect time to check that there is no food that is about to go out of date. Throw away anything that is close or past due. Spray the fridge and give it a good clean. If you notice that you had a few spills then run the dirty parts through the dishwasher and let it do the hard work.

The next thing to do is to wipe down all of the fixtures including every surface. Dont forget inside the microwave. Also, make sure to wipe the outside of all the cabinets, that part is usually always forgotten but it makes such a difference to the final look of the inside.

Clean out all the filters and air vents. These are likely to be quite dirty if you have not cleaned them in a while. Make sure to remove the cover so that you are able to get inside properly and vacuum whatever mess might be inside. Your lungs will thank you later.

Clean all the window screens with either a vacuum or an air compressor. The choice is up to you, whatever is easier or at your disposal. If you do not have access to either then a simpler solution is to just take them off and give them a nice spray with a hose pipe.

The next important part of cleaning your RV is to tackle the floor. Cleaning your RV floor is one of those things that can make you really happy because if done properly it does not take that long however, because its such a small space and with all the traffic, it can get dirty very quickly. A very good solution that I have found to clean my RV floor very quickly is to use a microfiber mop to dust and then mop. The beauty of these bad boys is that they do not need a bucket of water so it makes your cleaning much quicker and easier.

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