Even More Dog Tips You Can Try

Dogs are active by nature. In fact, depending on the type of dog they may need constant activity to keep them from getting board (and causing a lot of destruction).

The good news is that there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to keep your active dog busy when you don’t have the time to spend with them. Since there are many ways to care for a dog I’ll just give a few suggestions below.

Check out these simple tips to keep your active dog from destroying your house.

4. A Fun Scavenger Hunt

A good search and find game can be a life saver. Dogs love to hunt, and that doesn’t have to mean squirrels and birds and other nasty creatures that end up on your doorstep.

A favorite game for many dogs is to search for toys or treats. Hide some of his favorite things around the house and he will spend hours looking for them. Plus he gets a good reward the he finds them. This is a good brain stimulating activity as well.

This can easily be set up before you go to work. So while you were gone he can hunt down his treasures. Every day can be a new adventure for your dog – just change up where you are hiding things and he’ll be busy and stimulated each and every day.

2. A Room With a View

Have you ever noticed that your dog loves to look outside? They love the action going on outside – birds, little animals, even the wind blowing a leaf across the yard.

If you have a good place in your house that your dog can get a nice view outside they could be entertained all day. Just set up some nice cushions by a window or sliding door and you are all set.

Change up the location now and then to give them some variety. Even dogs can get board of the same ol same ol all day long.

3. Food Puzzles

Doggies love their food and treats and snacks just like kids do (okay fine and like us adults). Your dog will probably love a puzzle toy filled with his favorite treat. These can keep him busy for a long time.

Did you know there are also food toys that are a bit different than puzzle toys? It’s true. Food toys are designed to be a little easier than puzzle toys so your dog can get to the food faster. It just gives them a bit of exercise in the meantime.

4. Chew Toys Baby

Dogs love love love to chew. Hopefully not your couch, or shoes, or socks. That’s why chew toys are such a hot commodity for dog owners. I bet you have dozens of chew toys already.

But finding a chew toy that lasts can be difficult, many dogs go through them faster than it takes you to unwrap them. A good chew toy is durable and doesn’t have tiny pieces that can get stuck in your dog’s teeth or worse throat.

As you can see the number of ways to keep a dog busy are nearly endless. Just pick your favorite few and give them a try.

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