4 Fun Activities To Try At Your Next Charity Event

Planning fundraisers can get repetitive at times. If you’re bored with the black tie galas and too-formal auctions, give these activities a try. Put the fun in fundraiser and keep your donors happy and entertained.

1. Drive-in movie night

A night under the stars, check. Family-friendly movie, check. Retro concession stand, check. A drive-in movie night is a good fundraising idea suitable for all ages. Theyre a breeze to plan, and the donations come in easy, too. You can charge for an entrance fee, movie tickets, picture booths, and concession stand sales. You can even put a booth where people can buy donated merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and more.

To start a drive-in movie night, simply find an ideal location, rent an outdoor projector and audio equipment, and find a movie. Don’t forget the popcorn, too.

2. Battle of the bands

Try the classic battle of the bands to put a fun twist to your college fundraising event. Let people know via flyers, social media, or simply tell your friends. Hit two birds with one stone by contacting local bands who would be interested in a friendly competition for charity. This would be a good way for bands to get publicity and contribute to a worthy cause. Try reaching out to local businesses or organizations and ask them if they want to sponsor your event by contributing prizes.

As the majority of the donations will come from an entrance fee, make sure you book an event venue large enough to meet your goal. For this kind of event, youre also going to need instruments, audio equipment, and a sign-up sheet.

3. Viral video challenge

The internet is a relatively new way to fund your charity, but its undoubtedly effective. The ALS ice bucket challenge raised over $115 million in just two years, and it resulted in scientists discovering a new gene tied to ALS. You can do something similar for your next charity campaign. Create a strong online presence by asking friends, family, or staff to take a video of themselves doing the challenge. Like the ice bucket challenge, you can tag someone to nominate them to do the dare themselves, then donate for your cause.

4. Fashion show

Its cool, its hip, its trendy – a fashion show charity event will bring out the communitys most creative fashionistas. Contact local fashion stores and ask them to sponsor your event by donating clothes and accessories. You can also ask your friends, supporters, and members of the community to be the stars of the show and put on vogue outfits that will wow the donors.
For this kind of event, youll need the aforementioned outfits, an appropriate venue, and a sign-up sheet.

Remember, fundraising and charities do not have to be boring. Use your communitys creativity to brainstorm new ideas to raise money for your charity. For more fundraising ideas, check out this webpage.

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