Retreat To A Holiday Igloo In Lapland

While Lapland is not exactly the tourist spot that receives millions of visitors, it is still a top destination to view the Northern Lights. When it is cold and white outside, you can cuddle with your partner warmly inside a glass igloo of Kakslauttanen. Best of all, the see-through roof makes it easy for you to watch the Northern Lights without going out into the cold.

This resort, about 155 miles away from the Arctic Circle, can be easily reached through a flight to Ivalo, followed by a 30-minute drive. The hotel will provide pick-up services for those who come without a car. Despite the fact that people might flock more during winter, the hotel is actually open the whole year round, except during May. During the warmer days, there are many options for trekking and other outdoor activities in the national forest close by.

This travel destination is for hardy traveller only. If you’re used to palm friended beaches or bustling city breaks, you might find the cold wilderness of Lapland a little too much to bear. But if you have an adventurous spirit and open to new experiences, this could be right up your street.

The hotel had humble beginnings, starting with a small cabin in 1973 which is now a roadside café. Now there are more structures, from traditional log cabins for bigger groups to the glass and snow igloos. The expanded part used to be a Santa Claus resort but has now been expanded to a celebration hall, a Santa house, a new restaurant and even more igloos. Kids will love going on the reindeer and husky sled rides.

When not snuggling inside their own cabins or igloos, there are quite a few activities to enjoy in Kakslauttanen. This includes the biggest smoke sauna in the world, which can accommodate almost 100 people at the same time. During the season, Aurora expeditions are the highlight, which can be done through snowmobiles, reindeer or husky sleds, or on horseback. Skiing is also another favorite activity here. At the hotel, there is a bar, restaurant, sauna, and spa available for guests. Laundry services are available, and visitors have access to free WiFi.

Rooms are available for different groups. Couples can enjoy the glass igloos but they only have toilets. Sauna and shower can be found in other buildings. Log chalets are huge cabins for up to 10 people. Log cabins, on the other hand, have wonderful open fireplaces, as well as a sauna, toilet, and shower. However, they do not have any TV and guests are enjoined to disconnect during their stay so that they can enjoy the scenery and the outdoor activities during their trip. Lastly, queen suites can be booked for those who love luxurious rooms, as they come with four-poster beds and bathtubs.

Considering its location, it is natural to expect to have few dining options outside of the hotel. Fortunately, there are five in Kakslauttanen. Two of these are open for hotel guests, while the other three are for special events or group bookings. Buffett breakfast is served, and for dinner, local game like reindeer and fish are offered.

Lapland is a good alternative to Iceland to view the Northern Lights. Kakslauttanen offers unique activities like the Santa house and reindeer sleds that will surely be a hit with kids. Moreover, sleeping under the stars in your glass igloo is a wonderful experience especially for newlyweds.

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