How To Survive A Global Disaster?

In this day and age anything can happen with a blink on an eye. Unfortunately, a global disaster can also happen in the same manner. To help you establish an idea what could happen and how you can prepare yourself, here are 4 global disaster survival tips for you:

Global Disaster Survival Tip #1 – Dont Keep Hundreds of Tin Food Alone

Contrary to popular belief, keeping all the food for yourself during a disaster does not guarantee you would out last everyone else. You may see others as threats as choose to stay alone to improve your chance of survival with all the food you have, but as soon as that happens you lose. This is because you would be part of a dog-eat-dog community. On the other hand however, if you were to join forces with other individuals you will be able to build sort of a community that will have a better sustaining power. Share the food you have for greater strength.

Global Disaster Survival Tip #2 – You Go Rural

Go rural, but of course dont overdo it. As depicted in The Walking Dead, Cities are great and wonderful and provides all the resources you ever need when it is functioning properly. But when deserted, can be deadly and lethal when order is lost. You will be in greater danger if you stayed in the city during a disaster, this is for sure. This is true die to the fact that people will be competing with each other for food and resources that are hard to come by. And this in turn, will cause the outbreak of violence and chaos in the rural landscape.

On the other extreme however, absolute isolation is also not encouraged for the same reason stated above. You need a pool of people with different skills to work together cooperatively for your supply chains to flourish and to grow. So the idea here is to develop small market towns.

Global Disaster Survival Tip #3 – Access To Running Water

Now if you can imagine, during a major global disaster you are likely to be faced with water supply issues. Power supplies will be out, roads will be inaccessible and supermarkets emptied by looters. In this scenario you will be forced to produce these resources. In a pandemic scenario, you would want to choose a location where there is running water and if possible, other sources that you can tap electricity and food. Fast running water can also be used to generate power by means of a hydroelectric generator.

There is also the need to produce your own food and the best way to do it is with a group where everyone is assigned their specific task. In an urban environment however, that is not going to work well.

Global Disaster Survival Tip #4 – Establish communications

You need to know what is going on at other parts of the world as well and the best way to do this is by using solar-powered radio or a hand-cranked one to avoid reliance on electricity operated ones. Communication is important in helping you plan forward and establish emergency plans for survival and long term sustainability.

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