Effective Entertainment at Home

Today’s generation is more compelled to spend leisure time at least once or twice a year. They would either go on a vacation to the beach with the family or to other countries or explore sites and attractions with friends. Travel has become a common recreation for the family during free time.

Travel is good, it opens the mind. However, not most of us can afford it. So most of us compromise and make the most of what we can to enjoy our free time with our loved ones at home.

We welcome families who want to embrace this simple lifestyle in our site. We are a group of family lifestyle and leisure experts that offers fun and interactive ways for families who both love to travel and stay at home.

We offer exclusives on the latest entertainment, music, movies and outdoor activities that the family will love. You will find that the tips that we share on our site are as fun as the experience of visiting new places. For families who want to bond at home, we share arts and crafts, entertainment, hobbies and outdoor play ideas that the whole family can participate in.

New research suggests that families who spend time and bond at home often are happier compared to those who travel for leisure. This is because during a family travel, each member focuses on other stuff and the places they are visiting instead of focusing on the family relationship. A family tends to be more engaged at home in an activity they are participating in together, such as playing a board game, charades, doing arts and crafts, watching a movie or a favourite game show, etc.

For families who want to become more engaged during travel, we offer suggestions on activities and attractions to do together as one group. Visiting museums and historical places are good conversation starters and a perfect way for parents to impress kids about how much they know about the place.

All the activities on our site aim to provide satisfaction within families. Outdoor and recreational play is also highly recommended to enhance true engagement among parents and their children. As a family you can all develop a hobby together, like making Lego block figures or cooking dinner in the kitchen.

At the end of the day connecting with each other and strengthening the bond is what matters.

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