Do You Know What You Want Out Of Your Travel?

Most people don’t.

They’ll pack up, and head to a place they think is wonderful. Only to be surprised by hurdles and obstacles.

Like improper planning, or location mismatches.


Who travels overseas without proper planning?

The answer to that is most people.

You see, there’s more to travel planning than selecting accommodation and buying tickets. Knowing where you want to go is a matter of personality preferences…

You have to know who you are. And you’ve got to know what your personality demands the most of your travel.

For Example…

There are those that like security when travelling. Their personalities are more “alert.” Those people are sensitive to changes, and they like stability and order.

And the level of a person’s “alertness” differs from one person to another.

One can be more of a “control freak.” Another can be a “quick-start” who is open, but reactive to chaos and know how to fix it.

Let’s take another example. Another personality type would be an “innovative” person.

These people are open to the max. They love exploring possibilities. And they’re unrelenting towards new experiences.

And even “innovative” people differ. One can be an “anarchist,” with total openness to the unknown of travels.

Others are natural “composers.” They have grace and good social skills, and can siphon innovative plans creatively.

So a Framework is Necessary?

Of course it is. Personality framework are how you understand yourself. And you can’t make good travel decisions if you don’t know who you are…

After all, you could be a naturally innovative person. And this makes you love novelty.

So a bad travel decision would involve a traditional hotel, in an urban city that looks like home. You’d have nothing to explore, and no unique places to enjoy.

That would be a nightmare situation for your personality.

Hmm – Interesting Framework.

Of course it is. This framework was made by Sally Hogshead, and is used to analyze people’s personalities.

In fact, we recommend you try it out.

What we just showed you was a piece of it. In reality, the framework is made up of 7 personality traits, with “innovation” and “alertness” being extremes.

You have 5 other traits, such as passion, power, prestige, trust, and mystique.

You can look at each trait, then decide what your primary personality is!

And then What?

You can select an auxiliary trait. It combines with your primary trait, to create a personality archetype.

Now, the framework has 7 personalities. When you add an extra subtrait, you get 7×7, which is 49 unique personality archetypes!

For example, you can be “innovative” as a primary trait. Your axillary trait can be “power.” And this makes you a “maverick leader.”

Such individuals are entrepreneurial with strong drives. Knowing that about yourself, you’ll prefer a busy city environment with many commercial opportunities!

And How do I Apply That to Travelling?

It’s a 2nd problem we need to tackle.

So you can understand who you are. But you might not know how to apply that framework to travel choices…

Let’s elaborate. Say you’re a “maverick leader.” You want a place that’s all skyscrapers and commercial competition…

Do you know the best cities for your personality?

Do you know which streets to stay in? And which hotels reflect your business attitude?

It’s hard making a decision like that. After all, you don’t know what a hotel or city truly offers, until you visit it.

And at most, you can read subjective reviews on your desired location. Or, you can get a human travel agent to help you.

Travel Agents: They Don’t Understand Your Personality.

Of course they don’t! Try explaining to them that you need a place that’s more “business” than fun. See how well that goes for you…

Travel agents need clear instructions on what you want. At most, they can offer you suggestions on available lodgings and services. Nothing more.

A travel agent doesn’t clearly understand your personality. But:

A Smart System Can.

Many smart systems today are replacing travel agents and soon we expect that travel app maybe a huge disrupter to the traditional online travel booking systems and Online Travel Agents (OTAs). At the very least we expect that these apps will make their way into mainstream travel planning and become a part of hotel chain and OTA services. They are alive and well right now on speciality sites and some destination sites using the PersonaHolidays app as noted in the List Typing Article below.

You see, many travel firms are creating smart databases that analyze your personality in the detail to help you find the right option for your holiday.

They study your actions, inferring your preferences, then deciding your final personality.

They then present you suggestions fine-tuned to what they infer. So not only do you get a travel agent in a computer. But you get one who reads your psychology too!

I Didn’t Know Systems Like That Existed.

True. And that’s because such systems are new innovations in the travel industry.

And the best part is that their analysis is based on personality frameworks. They’ll use ones similar to what was mentioned earlier to give you choices of accommodation and activities!

To learn more, just visit Visa Typing. You’ll learn about companies that are driving this smart matchmaker trend forward!

Video Ted Talk – Travelling & Personality

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