5 Things That You Can Give To Charity That Isn’t Money

There’s a common misconception that giving to charity means giving money. While money is important to most charities, it’s not the only thing that you can give to help these organizations achieve their goals of helping people in need.

Here are 6 things you can share that isn’t money:

1. Time – your time is one of the most precious things in your life that you can give to charity. You can spend time helping build homes for the homeless, or giving hope to people who feel they have no one to turn to. Spending time with people who are alone in life can make a world of difference that money cannot provide.

2. Talents – charitable institutions are there to help raise funds for people in need. Fund raising activities are always in need of talented people who can provide entertainment, food catering, specialized skills, and more. So bring out your event organization skills and help make the fund raising a success.

3. Network and contacts – many charities and nonprofit organizations really need people they can count on to donate to their cause. If you happen to know someone who wants to donate or volunteer, that could be considered your good deed for the day as you’ve already helped by bringing your favorite charitable organization one step closer to someone who can help them. This is not to say that you should go and give your contact list to your favorite charity. Choose people who you feel would love to join you in your charitable endeavors, and introduce them to the wonderful world of giving.

4. Publicity – publicity is the one thing that charitable institutions don’t have budgets for. But if you work for a publication company or have millions of followers on your social media accounts, you can provide free publicity to your charity of choice by posting stuff about them on your account. People who follow you or read your publication will know more about the charity and they will gain a wider audience. This could lead to more volunteers, more donations, and more people you can help.

5. Excess goods – maybe this will still require some money, but if you donate things you don’t need or have in excess, it would be very much appreciated. You can put your extreme couponing talents to work so you won’t have to pay too much to get loads of goods you can give away to charity. You can also ask friends for their excess stuff, so that won’t cost you money.

6. Knowledge – pass on your knowledge to people who have no means to pay for their education. Pass on your knowledge about computers and technology to someone who wants to become an IT professional someday. Sharing your knowledge with others in need empowers people and gives them the capability to make a living later on.

These are just some of the things you can give to charities that costs nothing, or next to nothing, but will greatly help the institution you choose. Learn about some of the different types of charities you can give to.

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