3 Jewellery Making Tools For Beginners

If you’re just starting out making jewellery, or at least thinking about it, you may be wondering what jewellery making tools you need. More and more people are giving handmade gifts to their loved ones, bespoke jewellery shows that a lot of thought and consideration have gone into a gift, not to mention the potential financial benefits that can be created from creating and selling your own jewellery. Crafts can also be a therapeutic pastime for some people, as well as saving money compared to the price of buying the items fully formed in a shop.

You might be wondering what jewellery making tools you’ll need straight away, and what you can buy later. If you are unsure whether this is for you and feel reluctant to spend money on too many tools, then just start with a few essential items, such as these tools;

There are a variety of tools, from pliers to disk punches and jewellers saws, so it can be easy to feel a bit daunted and unsure of what to start with as a beginner. Below we outline three tools which can be useful for you to get started with.

Flat nose pliers have several uses and are excellent at holding and manipulating flat areas. They can be used for opening and closing rings, which when linked together, make a necklace, bracelet and even earrings. A necklace or bracelet are popular choices when making gifts for friends.

Flush cutters

If you want your wire to have an accurate cut, then you will need a flush cutter. They are versatile and work on soft, hard or regular metal for a smooth finish. This allows you to create stunning items of jewellery while eliminating any unsightly and potentially harmful sharp edges. As nobody wants those when making jewellery or when wearing jewellery.

Copper wire

Copper wire is a great material for practising creating jewellery. As a beginner, you have to start somewhere and it is better to begin with copper wire than gold wire, as gold is more expensive. Using copper wire allows you to feel comfortable experimenting with cheaper materials. When taking up a new craft, you will most likely make some mistakes, so it makes sense to allow yourself time to practice and learn on cheaper products. This can also give you the chance to discover the kind of jewellery you want to make, if you haven’t decided yet.

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